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Kyiv Astronomical Observatory [Київська астрономічна обсерваторія; Kyivska astronomichna observatoriia]. A research institution of Kyiv University founded in Kyiv in 1845. It consists of two separate facilities: one at Lisnyky and the other at Pylypovychi in Kyiv oblast. The observatory is equipped with advanced astronomical instruments, including a meridian circle, astrograph, horizontal solar telescope, photospheric-chromospheric telescope, and meteor cameras. Besides mapping celestial bodies and tracking artificial earth satellites, the observatory conducts research on solar activity and solar forecasting. Noted astronomers such as Vasilii Fedorov, Robert Fogel, Abdrii Shydlovsky, Mytrofan Khandrykov, Sergei Vsekhsviatsky, and Oleksander Bohorodsky have worked there. The observatory published Annaly, Pratsi, Publikatsiï, and Tsyrkuliari, and currently publishes a scholarly periodical Astronomiia. (See also Astronomy.)

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 2 (1988).]

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