Kyiv Division

Kyiv Division (Київська група Армії УНР; 4-та Київська стрілецька дивізія Армії УНР; Kyivska hrupa Armii UNR; 4-ta Kyivska striletska dyviziia Armii UNR). A combat unit formed in the summer of 1919 under the command of Otaman Yurii Tiutiunnyk out of the forces formerly commanded by Otaman Nykyfor Hryhoriv. On 15 November 1920 it was designated as the Fourth Kyiv Rifle Division of the Army of the Ukrainian National Republic. It’s commanders included Tiutiunnyk, Andrii Vovk, and Volodymyr Yanchenko. It participated in the Winter campaigns of 1919–20 and fought Bolshevik forces until the end of 1921.

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