Linear Spiral-Meander Pottery culture

Image - Neolithic cultures (6th millenium BC) on now Ukrainian territories (map concept: Marko Robert Stech from his Reflections on the History of Culture in Ukraine; map by Dmytro Vortman).

Linear Spiral-Meander Pottery culture or Linear Pottery culture (Лінійно-стрічкової кераміки культура; Liniino-strichkovoi keramiky kultura). Early Neolithic culture that existed throughout western, central, and eastern Europe and in the upper Dnister River and western Volhynia regions of Ukraine in the late 5th–mid-4th millennium BC. The settlements of this culture in Ukraine commonly featured semi-pit dwellings with hearths inside and storage pits outside. Both full body burials and cremation were practiced by the people of this culture. Their pottery was known for its globular shape, thin walls, and distinctive linear ornamentation employing frequent spirals. The culture's major occupations included agriculture and animal husbandry.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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