Literaturna krytyka

Literaturna krytyka («Літературна критика»; Literary Criticism). A Marxist monthly of literary criticism, literature studies, literary theory, and bibliography; art, theater, film, and folklore were also discussed. It was first published in Kharkiv in January 1928, and until April 1932 it was the unofficial organ of the All-Ukrainian Association of Proletarian Writers and was called Krytyka. Mykola Skrypnyk, Andrii Khvylia, Vasyl Desniak, Volodymyr Koriak, Teodosii Taran, Ivan Kulyk, T. Stepovy, and Yakiv Savchenko belonged to its editorial board. Among its contributors were Yarema Aizenshtok, Vasyl Atamaniuk, Oleksander Biletsky, Mykhailo Dolengo, Ivan Kapustiansky, Yevhen Kyryliuk, Hryhorii Maifet, M. Motuzka, Ivan Mykytenko, Mykhailo Novytsky, Oleksii Poltoratsky, Vasyl Sedliar, Ivan Vrona, and Feliks Yakubovsky. From May 1932 the journal was the organ of the newly founded Writers' Union of Ukraine and was called Za markso-lenins’ku krytyku. Thenceforth its content was excessively dogmatic and Stalinist; among its contributors in that period were Petro Kolesnyk, Borys Kovalenko, Kulyk, Kyryliuk, Andrii Paniv, Leonyd Pidhainy, Samiilo Shchupak, Aron Trostianetsky, and Yu. Yosypchuk. From 1934 the journal was published in Kyiv. It was renamed Literaturna krytyka in December 1935 and Radians’ka Ukraïna in January 1941. The last issue of the journal appeared in February 1941.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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