Liutkovych-Telytsia, Pavlo

Liutkovych-Telytsia, Pavlo [Люткович-Телиця, Павло; Ljutkovyč-Telycja, or Домжив-Люткович; Domzhyv-Liutkovych], b ? in Western Ukraine, d 1634 in Chorna, Volhynia. Churchman and printer. With the assistance of his apprentice and printer Sylvestr, he ran a series of printing presses in Uhortsi, near Sambir (1617–21); in Minsk, Belarus (1622); and in Volhynia at the Chetvertnia (1624–5), Lutsk (1625–8), and Chorna monasteries. He was also hegumen of the Saints Peter and Paul Monastery in Minsk (from 1611) and the monastery in Chorna (1628–34). Seven of the nine books he is known to have printed have been preserved, including his own panegyric to Oleksander Sheptytsky (1622). He printed panegyrics, theological works, poetry, and textbooks.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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