Maple (Acer; Ukrainian: klen, yavir). A deciduous tree or shrub of the family Aceraceae that grows in mixed and deciduous forests. Pure maple stands are rare. The common maple (A. campestre) measures up to 15–20 m in height and 50–60 cm in trunk diameter. It is used as a decorative tree in parks because its leaves turn brilliant colors in autumn. The tree sap contains 2–5 percent sugar; maple flowers yield nectar. Maple wood has many uses in the manufacture of furniture, musical instruments, and millwork. In Ukraine the Norway maple (A. platanoides) grows almost everywhere. The sycamore maple (A. pseudoplatanus) is concentrated in Western Ukraine and in parks; its wood is used in the production of furniture and musical instruments. The Tatar maple (A. tataricum), with smooth, almost black bark, is a hardy tree or shrub that grows in the steppe, forest-steppe, and Caucasia. The American maple, also known as the box elder (A. negundo), is used in landscaping.  

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