Markovych, Petro

Image - Petro Markovych: Conversation (1961). Image - Petro Markovych: Madonna (1967).

Markovych, Petro [Маркович, Петро; Markovyč], b 13 August 1937 in Chornoriky, Krosno county, Galicia, d 24 December 2018 in Seattle, Washington State, USA. Painter, graphic artist, and ceramist. He graduated from the Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative Art (1965) where he studied under Taras Porozhniak and Roman Selsky. A nonconformist artist, Markovych experimented with styles such as postimpressionism and surrealism (eg, his paintings Yellow Trees [1961] and Pale Blue Spring [1971]). In his later compositions he used images and colors as symbols. He also produced decorative plates and reliefs (eg, King Danylo [1967]). In 1991 Markovych moved to the United States and spent the last years of his life in Seattle.

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Image - Petro Markovych: Black Flowers (1968). Image - Petro Markovych: Anchar Tree of Death (1968). Image - Petro Markovych: Autobiographical Motif (1971). Image - Petro Markovych: Nostalgia (1971). Image - Petro Markovych: Butterfly (1994). Image - Petro Markovych: Tragedy of September 11 (2002).

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