Mazepa family

Mazepa family (aka Koledynsky). A noble family in the Bila Tserkva region, first mentioned in the 16th century. Mykhailo Mazepa received the khutir Kamenets (later called Mazepyntsi) from King Sigismund I the Old in 1544. His son, Mykola, Hetman Ivan Mazepa's great-grandfather, received confirmation of his right to the estate from Sigismund II Augustus in 1572. Another Mazepa (Fedir?), possibly Mykola's brother, was a Cossack leader who was executed in Warsaw in 1596 for his part in Severyn Nalyvaiko's uprising. Several Mazepas appear in the 1649 Cossack register of Bila Tserkva regiment. One of them, Stepan-Adam Mazepa, was the hetman's father. The family line was extinguished with the hetman's death in 1709.

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