Mezhov, Vladimir

Mezhov, Vladimir [Межов, Владимир; Mežov], b 29 May 1830 in Saratov, Russia, d 29 May 1894 in Saint Petersburg. Considered the first Russian bibliographer, from 1851 to 1866 he worked at the Saint Petersburg Public Library. The journal Osnova (Saint Petersburg) published his bibliographies of books and articles about Right-Bank Ukraine in 1858–60 (1861, nos 8, 11, 12) and Galician-Ruthenian literature in 1837–62 (1862, no. 6). His statistical and bibliographic overview of Russian literature in 1859–68 (9 vols, 1861–83) and his Russian historical bibliographies for the years 1800–54 (3 vols, 1892–3) and 1865–76 (8 vols, 1882–90) are valuable reference works for Ukrainian scholars.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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