Miller, Dmytro

Miller, Dmytro [Міллер, Дмитро], b 1 October 1862 in Kotelva, Okhtyrka county, Kharkiv gubernia, d 14 June 1913 in Kharkiv. Historian. He graduated from Kharkiv University (1888), where he studied under Dmytro Bahalii. From 1887 he worked in Kharkiv, where he became a librarian at the university (1895) and an editor of the newspaper Iuzhnyi krai (1903). A specialist on the history of the Hetman state and Slobidska Ukraine, he wrote, in Russian, a monograph on the land courts, city courts, and pidkomorski courts in 18th-century Ukraine (2 vols, 1895, 1898), which contained many documentary materials; a book-length, four-part article on the transformation of the Cossack starshyna into Russian nobility (Kievskaia starina, 1897, nos 1–4); and books on the archives of Kharkiv gubernia (1902) and the history of the first 250 years of Kharkiv (2 vols, 1905, 1912, cowritten with Bahalii).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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