Image - Mizyn: mammoth-bone dwelling (reconstruction).

Mizyn or Mezyn [Мізин or Мезин]. See Map. A village (2017 pop 346) on the Desna River in Korop raion, Chernihiv oblast. Established in the 16th century, Mizyn is best known for the important Upper Paleolithic Mizyn archeological site discovered here in 1908 and first excavated by Fedir Vovk. The site is located on the right bank of the Desna River and dates back to approximately 18,000 years ago. It contained five circular dwellings built of wood reinforced with mammoth bones and tusks. Also uncovered at the site were numerous flint tools and other artifacts, including stylized sculptures of women and animals, bone bracelets, and some of the oldest known musical instruments. Mizyn is located in the picturesque Mizyn National Nature Park, established in 2006.

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