Niagara Falls Art Gallery and Museum

Image - William Kurelek's paintings in the Niagara Falls Art Gallery and Museum.

Niagara Falls Art Gallery and Museum. A repository of Ukrainian art founded in 1971 by O. and Mykola Koliankivsky, the previous owners of the W & W Galleries in Toronto (1958–70). The centerpiece of this gallery is William Kurelek’s ‘Passion of Christ,’ a series of 160 panels purchased from the painter in March 1970. The other major part of its collection consists of 70 oils and watercolors by Mykola Krychevsky. Other valuable artworks include the Okhtyrka Icon (1739), landscapes by painters such as Mykola Hlushchenko, Serhii Shyshko, Antin Kashshai, Vitold Manastyrsky, Tetiana Yablonska, and Volodymyr Patyk, a stone baba, and 20 sculptures by Edward Koniuszy. The collection is housed in a five-level building designed by Radoslav Zuk especially for the ‘Passion of Christ’ series and completed in 1971. The gallery has published two Kurelek albums, The Passion of Christ (1974) and The Ukrainian Pioneer (1980).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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