Nova generatsiia

Image - Nova generatsiia (no. 6, 1929).

Nova generatsiia [«Нова генерація»] (New Generation). A monthly journal issued by the organization Nova Generatsiia, published in Kharkiv from October 1927 to December 1930, under the editorship of Mykhailo Semenko. Much of its contents were devoted to contemporary literary polemics and to the popularization of currents in literature and art in the West (eg, G. Apollinaire, Le Corbusier, W. Baumeister). Among the more frequent contributors were Amvrosii Buchma, V. Ver, Oleksa Vlyzko, Hryhorii (Heo) Koliada, Favst Lopatynsky, Semen Skliarenko, E. Strikha (Kost Burevii), Leonid Skrypnyk, and Leonid K. Chernov.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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