Nove zhyttia

Nove zhyttia («Нове життя»; New Life). A Ukrainian weekly newspaper published in Prešov, Slovakia, since August 1951. At first it was the organ of the Regional Committee of the Slovak Communist party and was largely a translation of the Slovak weekly Nový život. In January 1959 the paper became the organ of the Cultural Association of Ukrainian Workers. Its language, style, and content improved. In the late 1960s it published a series of articles criticizing the nationality policy in Czechoslovakia and the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. As a result some of the paper’s staff were dismissed. In the late 1980s the articles became much more interesting. After mid-1989, 1,000 copies of the newspaper were regularly sold in Ukraine. The editors have been Viktor Kopchak (1959–64), Yu. Datsko (1965–71), L. Halushka (1971–88), and O. Zozuliak (1989–). Since 1990 the paper has been published by the Union of Ruthenian-Ukrainians of Slovakia.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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