Obrazotvorche mystetstvo

Obrazotvorche mystetstvo («Образотворче мистецтво»; Pictorial Art). An illustrated journal published six times a year in Kyiv since 1970. It was established on the basis of the arts magazine Mystetstvo and until 1991 it was published by the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine and the Union of Artists of Ukraine. Since 1991 it has been published by the Union of Artists of Ukraine. The journal has published articles on the history of Ukrainian art as well as Russian and world art, Ukrainian and other artists, and developments in art, as well as art news, art criticism, and reviews. The journal was initially published in a pressrun of 16,700, but by 1991 only 3,800 copies were being printed. Its chief editors have been Petro Hovdia (1970–86), Oleksii Zhuravel (1987–91), Mykola Marychevsky (1992–2005), and since 2006 Oleksandr Fedoruk.

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