Otmarshtain, Yurii

Image - Yurii Otmarshtain

Otmarshtain, Yurii [Отмарштайн, Юрій; Otmarštajn, Jurij], b 10 April 1890 in Tyraspil, Kherson gubernia, d 2 May 1922 in Szczepiórno, Poland. Officer in the Army of the Ukrainian National Republic. After graduating from the Nikolai Military Academy of the General Staff in Saint Petersburg (1916) he served in the Russian army. In 1918 he joined the Lubny Cavalry Regiment and soon assumed command of it. After taking part in the coup against the Hetman government of Pavlo Skoropadsky, he was appointed chief of staff of the Siege Corps of Sich Riflemen in early 1919, and of the Second Division of Sich Riflemen in July 1919. In 1921, as a colonel, he was chief of staff of the Ukrainian army that conducted the Second Winter Campaign. He was killed by unknown assailants in a Polish internment camp.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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