Pavlenko-Chernychenko, Hanna

Image - Hanna Pavlenko-Chernychenko: Flowers. Image - Hanna Pavlenko-Chernychenko: Blue May (plate, 1970).

Pavlenko-Chernychenko, Hanna [Павленко-Черниченко, Ганна; Pavlenko-Černyčenko], b 8 December 1919 in Petrykivka, Novomoskovsk county, Katerynoslav gubernia; d 2 February 2008 in Kyiv. Master of Petrykivka painting; daughter of Paraskeviia Pavlenko. She was trained by Tetiana Pata and studied at the Kyiv School of Folk Art Masters (1937–9). From 1944 she has worked at the Kyiv Experimental Plant of Artistic Ceramics, where she created decorative designs for tableware, vases, and bowls. She also painted wall panels (eg, Blue Bird [1970]), designed postcards and books, and made decorative prints.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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