Image - Pidvolochysk (town centre).

Pidvolochysk [Pidvoločys’k]. Map: IV-7. A town smt (2017 pop 7,985) on the Zbruch River and a raion center in Ternopil oblast. The town is on the site of an ancient settlement dating from the 3rd and 4th centuries AD. In the 15th century two villages, both called Volochyshche, arose on opposite banks of the Zbruch. One of them, mentioned in documents in 1463, was renamed Pidvolochysk in the mid-17th century. A road linking Pidvolochysk with Ternopil was built in 1786, and contributed to the growth of the local economy. After the partition of Poland in 1772, the town was acquired by the Austrian Empire. In 1919–39 it was under Polish rule. Today the town has a plastics factory and food industry.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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