Pikhno, Dmitrii

Pikhno, Dmitrii [Пихно, Дмитрий; Pixno, Dmitrij], b 13 January 1853 on khutir Nestorivka, Chyhyryn county, Kyiv gubernia, d 11 August 1913 in Kyiv. Economist, statistician, publisher, and politician. After graduating from Kyiv University (1874) he taught economics and law there (1877–1902). He was an adviser to the Russian Ministry of Finance and a member of the State Council from 1907. As an economist he was a follower of the English classical school and a believer in market competition and the capitalist rationalization of industry and agriculture. His theories and research were summarized in several monographs and articles. From 1878 he was the publisher of the reactionary monarchist and anti-Ukrainian newspaper Kievlianin, the leader of the Union of the Russian People in Kyiv, and a member of the Kyiv Club of Russian Nationalists.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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