Potichnyj, Peter

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Potichnyj, Peter or Petro [Потічний, Петро], b 2 June 1930 in Pavlokoma, Brzozów county, Galicia. Political scientist. Potichnyj left Ukraine with a westward-bound company of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). He emigrated to the United States of America in the 1950s and served with the US armed forces in Korea. He studied at Temple University (BA, 1958) and Columbia University (MA, 1961; PH D, 1966). From 1964 he taught political science at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, and after 1985 he was a consultant to Heilongjiang University in Harbin, China. He is the author of Soviet Agricultural Trade Unions, 1917–70 (1972), a coauthor of The Ukraine and the Czechoslovak Crisis (1970) and Jewish-Ukrainian Relations: Two Solitudes (1983, 1987), an editor of Poland and Ukraine: Past and Present (1980) and several other collections of articles on the USSR and Soviet Ukraine, and a co-editor of the multivolume Litopys Ukraïns'koï povstans'koï armiï (Chronicle of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, 53 vols, 1976–2017) and several collections of articles, including Political Thought of the Ukrainian Underground, 1943–51 (1986), Ukrainian-Jewish Relations in Historical Perspective (1988, 1990, 2010), and Ukraine and Russia in Their Historical Encounter (1992).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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