Prolog Research Corporation

Prolog Research Corporation (Пролог; Proloh). A research and publishing association set up in New York in 1952 by members of the Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council (Mykola Lebed, Myroslav Prokop, Yurii Lopatynsky, B. Chaikivsky, and others) to monitor and report on political, economic, and cultural developments in Soviet Ukraine. It published an English-language quarterly, Prologue (1957–61), under the editorship of Lev Shankovsky, and a monthly, Digest of the Soviet Ukrainian Press (1957–77). It has assisted the Suchasnist Ukrainian Society for International Studies in producing the periodical Suchasnist’ and has published over 200 books in Ukrainian and 5 in Russian on Ukraine’s political and literary history, contemporary writing, and the dissident movement. The association was reorganized into a corporation in 1968. Its directors have been M. Lebed (1952–73), M. Prokop (1973–79), Roman Kupchynsky (1979–91), and P. Sodol (1991–2).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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