Rape (Brassica napus; Ukrainian: ripak). An annual oil plant (see Oil plants) of the mustard family Cruciferae, cultivated for thousands of years and at present unknown in its wild state. In Ukraine rape is planted in Polisia and in the Carpathian Mountains. It grows to 30 cm or more in height and has smooth, bluish green foilage, distinctive pale yellow flowers, and a long, usually thin taproot. A variety of rape known as swede is grown for its enlarged edible root (brukva), which is used for human and cattle consumption (see Turnip). Rapeseeds contain as much as 40–50 percent colza oil, used as fuel, in cooking, and in the production of margarine, soap, and synthetic rubber (see Vegetable-oil industry). Oil cake, high in protein, makes valuable cattle fodder.

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