Russkoe slovo (Prešov)

Russkoe slovo (Prešov) [«Русское слово»; Ruthenian Word]. A popular weekly (semimonthly from 1933) published in Prešov by the Greek Catholic Prešov eparchy from 8 March 1924 to 23 December 1938. Published in yazychiie, it contained articles on educational, cultural, and political subjects. It continued the traditions of Oleksander Dukhnovych in defending the rights of the Ruthenians (Ukrainians) in the Prešov region, opposing Slovakization, and rejecting ties with the Soviet Union. Until 1930 local Ukrainophile populists, such as Dionisii Zubrytsky and Iryna Nevytska, contributed to the paper. Its editors were S. Hoidych, S. Diulai, F. Roikovych, I. Pieshchak, A. Zubrytsky, and A. Demianchyk. The conservative religious newspaper Da priidet tsarstviie tvoie (1928–38), printed partly in Roman characters, came out as a supplement to Russkoe slovo.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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