Sambir Brigade of the Ukrainian Galician Army

Sambir Brigade of the Ukrainian Galician Army ( Sambirska [8] brygada UHA). A unit of the Third Corps of the Ukrainian Galician Army, formed in late January 1919 out of the Rudky, Hlyboka, and Krukenychi combat groups. Its first commander was Lt Col Antin Kravs. In late May the Hlyboka and Krukenychi combat groups were separated from the rest of the brigade and were interned by the Czech army. In June 1919 the brigade consisted of four infantry battalions (under Lt A. Tarnavsky, Capt Osyp Stanimir, Capt D. Bizanz, and Lt M. Pidhirny) and one artillery regiment (under Capt O. Bradner) from the Rudky Group and had a strength of 2,000 men. Its new commander was Maj K. Hoffman. On 31 August 1919 it was one of the first units to enter Kyiv. In February 1920 the brigade was reorganized into the Eighth Galician Rifle Regiment of the Red Ukrainian Galician Army. In late April it left the Red Army, and its members were interned by the Poles.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 3 (1993).]

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