Savur, Klym

Savur, Klym (nom de guerre of Dmytro Kliachkivsky), b 1914? in Galicia, d 12 February 1945 in Klevan raion, Rivne oblast. Senior Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) commander and Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) leader. After being arrested by the NKVD in 1941 for OUN activities, he was saved from execution by the outbreak of the Nazi-Soviet War. In early 1942 he was leader of the OUN (Bandera faction) in the northwestern region (Volhynia and Polisia), and in the autumn he organized combat units to fight the Germans. As the OUN combat units coalesced into the UPA in 1943, he became its commander in chief. After the reorganization and consolidation of the UPA, the Ukrainian People's Self-Defense, and other insurgent units at the end of 1943, he became, at the rank of major, commander of the UPA-North. He was killed in action by NKVD troops and promoted posthumously to colonel.

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