Sudiienko [Судієнко; Sudijenko]. A Cossack starshyna family from the Novhorod-Siverskyi region. Its founder was Ivan, who lived in the mid-17th century. His son, Andrii (d 1688), served as judge of Starodub regiment (1670–4) and horodovyi otaman of Novhorod-Siverskyi (1672–7). Andrii’s son, Ivan (d 1729), was horodovyi otaman of Novhorod-Siverskyi (1709–25) and took part in the 1677–8 Chyhyryn campaigns, the Perekop and the Poltava campaigns (see Russo-Turkish wars). Ivan’s son, Stepan (b ca 1689, d 1763), was horodovyi otaman (1727–39) and captain (1739–63) of Novhorod-Siverskyi. His son, Osyp (b ca 1743, d 4 December 1811), was appointed to the General Postal Authority of the Russian Empire in 1784 and promoted to the rank of secret counselor in 1800. He was a friend of Prince Oleksander Bezborodko, who rewarded him with estates in the Novhorod-Siverskyi region. Osyp’s son, Mykhailo Sudiienko, was a historian and civic leader. Of his two sons, Yosyf (b 27 July 1830, d 5 December 1892) served as deputy governor of Chernihiv gubernia (1870) and governor of Vladimir gubernia, and Oleksander (b 28 July 1832, d 12 April 1882) was local marshal of the nobility in Novhorod-Siverskyi. Oleksander’s son, Yevhen (b 25 May 1870, d 1918), was a marshal of the nobility and in 1913 was elected to the State Duma.

Modzalevskii, Vadim. Malorossiiskii rodoslovnik, vol 4 (Kyiv 1914)

Arkadii Zhukovsky

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