Troshchynsky [Трощинський; Troščyns’kyj]. A family line of Cossack starshyna and noblemen, originally from the Bila Tserkva region. At the behest of Hetman Ivan Mazepa they resettled in Left-Bank Ukraine in the late 17th century. Vasyl Troshchynsky (Trushchynsky) was one of a group of nobles from Bila Tserkva county who stayed and swore allegiance to the tsar of Muscovy in 1654. His descendant (son or grandson) Stepan Troshchynsky was colonel of Hadiach regiment. Stepan's son, Andrii Troshchynsky, was head of the General Military Chancellery in 1716–25 and a fellow of the standard in 1725–40. Stepan's great-grandson was Dmytro Troshchynsky. Dmytro's nephew, Andrii (b 1774, d 1852), was a general in the imperial army and a relative of Nikolai Gogol. The Troshchynsky family line declined in the late 19th century.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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