Trypilian culture

Image - Trypilian culture: female figurine.

Trypilian culture. See Trypillian culture.

Image - Trypilian culture: Great Goddess figurine. Image - Tripilian culture: bone amulets. Image - Tripilian culture: a bowl with animalistic figurine ornaments Image - Tripilian culture: clay pot with animalistic and geometric ornaments. Image - Trypilian culture: female figurine. Image - Trypilian culture: fragments of figurines. Image - Trypilian culture: ornamental clay pot. Image - Tripilian culture: animal figurines. Image - A reconstructed dwelling of the Trypilian culture period. Image - Trypilian culture: Goddess of fertility figurine. Image - A Trypilian culture figurine torso. Image - rypilian culture godess figurine, ca 4,500 BC, excavated at Bernove-Luka, Chernivtsi oblast. Image - Trypilian culture animal figurine. Image - Trypilian culture: clay models of dwellings. Image - A reconstructed model of a Trypilian culture woden hut. Image - Tripilian culture: clay pot with a meander ornament. Image - Plan of a Bronze Age Trypilian culture settlement at Kolomyishchyna, Kyiv region; drawing according to T. Passek, 1949. Image - Trypilian culture: vase.

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