Tserkva i zhyttia (Kharkiv)

Tserkva i zhyttia (Kharkiv) («Церква і життя»; Church and Life). The organ of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox church (UAOC), published by the All-Ukrainian Orthodox Church Council and its commission at the Kharkiv District Church Council. Published in Kharkiv in 1927–8, it was edited first by Metropolitan Vasyl Lypkivsky and then by Archbishop Ivan Pavlovsky. The journal reported on the activities of the UAOC and published the minutes of meetings of the church council and documents in the history of the UAOC. It also contained articles on religious and theological topics. Among the main contributors were Volodymyr Chekhivsky (also under the pseudonym of V. Yukhymovych), and Bishops Kostiantyn Maliushkevych, Kostiantyn Krotevych, and Mykola Pyvovariv. Only seven issues of the journal appeared before it was closed owing to a lack of funds and the opposition of the Soviet authorities.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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