Ukrainian Hromada in Venezuela

Ukrainian Hromada in Venezuela (Українська громада у Венесуелі; Ukrainska hromada u Venesueli, or УГВ; UHV; Spanish: Asociación de Ucranianos en Venezuela). A cultural organization founded in Caracas on 13 March 1949 as the central organization representing the whole Ukrainian community in Venezuela (at that time approximately 3,400 individuals). It was based in Caracas and had branches in Valencia, Puerto Caballo, and Maracay. The Ukrainian Women’s Alliance in Venezuela, the Ukrainian Reading Hall, the Society of Ukrainian Engineers, and the Plast Ukrainian Youth Association were affiliated with the Hromada. The society ran a kindergarten and a Saturday school; organized concerts, plays, and dances; and built its own hall, the Ukrainian People's Home. Its presidents have been I. Lazarenko, Lev Stakhovsky, V. Koval, V. Vasiuk, Roman Prypkhan, Yu. Hrytsyk, and I. Khomniak.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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