Ukrainian Parliamentary Representation

Ukrainian Parliamentary Representation (Українська парляментарна репрезентація; Ukrainska parliamentarna reprezentatsiia). The Ukrainian caucus in the Polish Sejm and Senate in 1928–30. Similar in nature to the Ukrainian caucus in the Russian State Duma, the representation was organized after the 1928 parliamentary elections. Its immediate precedent was the bloc of Ukrainian deputies from Volhynia and the Kholm region in the first Sejm (1922–7). In the campaign of 1928 the Ukrainian parties formed a coalition with the Belarusian and other minority groups to present a common slate of candidates. Ukrainians won 42 seats in the Sejm and 12 in the Senate. The majority of the Ukrainian deputies belonged to the representation, which was dominated by the Ukrainian National Democratic Alliance. It presented a common front on Ukrainian issues. After the 1930 election a joint Ukrainian representation did not take shape, because of Polish harassment and contention among Ukrainian parties.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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