Ukrainian War Veterans’ League of Canada

Ukrainian War Veterans’ League of Canada (Союз бувших українських вояків; Soiuz buvshykh ukrainskykh voiakiv). A veterans’ organization founded in Montreal in 1936 to propagate Ukrainian national and military traditions. Composed primarily of former soldiers of the Army of the Ukrainian National Republic, the group established six branches prior to the Second World War and several more after it. S. Waldstein served as the longtime head of the group during its early phase. In 1952 the organization’s headquarters was moved to Toronto, where its leaders have included Mykhailo Sadovsky, I. Yanishevsky, Ivan Lypovetsky, and V. Roienko. The league published two quarterly journals, Biuleten' Soiuzu buvshykh ukraïns'kykh voiakiv u Kanadi (1959–64) and Dorohovkaz: Orhan voiats'koï dumky i chynu (1964–1970).

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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