Veterinary Code of the Ukrainian SSR

Veterinary Code of the Ukrainian SSR (Ветеринарний кодекс УРСР; Veterynarnyi kodeks USRR). A code of laws on the state veterinary service adopted by the All-Ukrainian Central Executive Committee on 13 March 1925. It consisted of 112 articles grouped into four sections: (1) the organization and tasks of the veterinary service, (2) methods of dealing with epidemic and infectious animal diseases, (3) veterinary-sanitary care, and (4) government agencies and the rights and duties of veterinary officials. As Soviet administrative law became centralized, the code was repealed by the Central Executive Committee, on 20 January 1937, and replaced by the Veterinary Statute of the USSR, passed on 27 October 1936. A new Union statute of nine sections and 62 articles was adopted on 22 December 1967. The first three sections dealt with the organization and duties of veterinary workers, sections four and five with quarantine, sections six and seven with veterinary inspection of transported and slaughtered livestock, section eight with the use of chemical substances in veterinary practice, and section nine with sanctions for violating the law.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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