Vinhranovsky, Mykola

Image - Mykola Vinhranovsky Image - Mykola Vinhranovsky Image - Shistdesiatnyky: Mykola Vinhranovsky, Ivan Dziuba, Ivan Drach, Ivan Svitlychny, Lina Kostenko, Yevhen Sverstiuk (October 1963).

Vinhranovsky, Mykola [Вінграновський, Микола; Vinhranovs’kyj], b 7 November 1936 in Bohopil, now part of Pervomaisk (Mykolaiv oblast), d 26 May 2004 in Kyiv. (Photo: Mykola Vinhranovsky.) Writer, actor, film director, and translator. He graduated from the All-Union Institute of Cinematography (1960) in Moscow and has worked at the Kyiv Artistic Film Studio, where he played the lead role in Yuliia Solntseva's film Povist’ polumianykh lit (The Tale of Flaming Years, 1961). He wrote film scripts and directed the feature films Eskadra povertaie na zakhid (The Squadron Turns Westward, 1967), Bereh nadiï (The Shore of Hope, 1967), Duma pro Brytanku (Duma about Brytanka, 1969), and Klymko (1984) and several documentaries. Vinhranovsky gained prominence in the early 1960s as a leading poet of the shistdesiatnyky. He published the poetry collections Atomni preliudy (Atomic Preludes, 1962), Sto poezii (A Hundred Poems, 1967), Poeziï (Poems, 1971), Na sribnim berezi (On the Silver Shore, 1978), Kyïv (Kyiv, 1982), Hubamy teplymy i okom zolotym (With Warm Lips and a Golden Heart, 1984), Tsiu zhinku ia liubliu (I Love This Woman, 1990), Z obiimanykh toboiu dniv (From the Days Embraced by You, 1993), and Liubove, ne proshchavai (Love, Do Not Say Farewell, 1997); several books of stories, including V hlybyni doshchiv (In the Depth of the Rains, 1980; about the making of a film) and Kin’ na vechirnii zori (The Horse on the Evening Star, 1986); the novel Nalyvaiko (1991); and, from 1970, several poetry books for children, for which he was awarded the Shevchenko Prize in 1984. Editions of his selected prose (1985; 1987 in Russian translation) and poetry (1986) have been published. Vybrani tvory, a three volume set of his selected works, was published in 2004.

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Image - Mykola Vinhranovsky Image - Shistdesiatnyky: Ivan Drach, Mykola Vinhranovsky, Hryhorii Syvokin, Leonida Svitlychna, Mykhailyna Kotsiubynska, Ivan Svitlychny.

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