Vyhovsky [Vyhovs’kyj]. Descendants of a boyar family line from Ovruch county. Ostap Vyhovsky (d 1663) was vicegerent of the Kyiv fortress under the voivode Adam Kysil and a member of the Kyiv Epiphany Brotherhood. His sons were Hetman Ivan Vyhovsky, Danylo Vyhovsky, and Kostiantyn Vyhovsky, a colonel of Pynsk-Turiv regiment and general quartermaster (from 1658). Vasyl Vyhovsky (a colonel) and his relatives were also members of the line. Illia and Yurii Vyhovsky were exiled to Siberia in 1659. Some members of the family were hierarchs of the Catholic church, among them Oleksander Vyhovsky (b 1649, d 1714) and Yosyf Vyhovsky. In the early 20th century descendants of the Vyhovsky line lived in Volhynia gubernia, Podilia gubernia, and Kyiv gubernia.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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