Yaniv Brigade of the Ukrainian Galician Army

Yaniv Brigade of the Ukrainian Galician Army (Yanivska [10] brygada UHA, aka Yavoriv Brigade). A unit of the First Corps of the Ukrainian Galician Army, formed in January 1919 from contingents that belonged to the Northern Group of the Ukrainian Galician Army commanded by Maj Andrii Dolud. The brigade consisted of four infantry battalions, a machine-gun company, and a technical company. It fought against Polish forces at Briukhovychi, Kulykiv, and Belz, and then at Terebovlia and Ternopil during the Chortkiv offensive. During the Kyiv offensive in August 1919 it captured Vinnytsia and Kalynivka from the Red Army, and later it engaged Anton Denikin's Volunteer Army in a number of battles in the Haisyn region. In 1920 the brigade was integrated into the Red Ukrainian Galician Army as the Fifth Infantry Regiment, and after revolting against the Bolsheviks it surrendered to the Poles in late April 1920.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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