Zarudny, Mykola Ya.

Image - Ukrainian socialist realist writers: (l-r) Yurii Zbanatsky, Mykhailo Stelmakh, Vitalii Korotych, Vasyl Kozachenko, Pavlo Zahrebelny, Oles Honchar, Mykola Zarudny, Platon Voronko. Image - Ukrainian 1960s writers: Vasyl Zemliak, Mykola Zarudny, Oleksii Kolomiiets, Oles Honchar, Pavlo Zahrebelny.

Zarudny, Mykola Ya. [Зарудний, Микола; Zarudnyj], b 20 August 1921 in Orikhovets, Skvyra county, Kyiv gubernia, d 25 August 1991 in Kyiv. Socialist-realist novelist and popular dramatist. He is the author of the novels Moï zemliaky (My Countrymen, 1950), Na bilomu sviti (In the Wide World, 1967), Uran (Uranium, 1970), and Hileia (1973) and of over 20 plays, notably Veselka (The Rainbow, 1958), Mertvyi boh (The Dead God, 1960), Dorohy, iaki my vybyraiemo (Roads We Choose, 1971), Pora zhovtoho lystia (The Time of Yellow Leaves, 1972), Pid vysokymy zoriamy (Under the High Stars, 1976), Tyl (The Rear, 1977), Rehion (The Region, 1981), Bronzova vaza (The Bronze Vase, 1985) and Porom (The Ferry, 1987). He was awarded the Shevchenko Prize in 1978 for Tyl. A four-volume edition of his works (1981–2) and Dmytro Shlapak’s book about his dramaturgy (1981) were published in Kyiv.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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