Zasławski. A family line of Ukrainian nobles that had a common origin with the Ostrozky family in the person of Vasyl Fedorovych (d 1461). His older son, Yurii (Heorhii), inherited the town of Zaslav, in Volhynia, and adopted the name Zasławski; his younger son, Ivan, inherited the town of Ostroh. The Zasławski family owned large tracts of land in Volhynia, Podilia, and the Bratslav region. Other notable family figures included Janusz Zasławski, the voivode of Podlachia (1591) and Volhynia (1604, 1620), his son Oleksander (d 1629), who was a Volhynian palatine (1605) and a voivode of Bratslav (from 1615) and Kyiv (from 1628); and Oleksander's son, Władysław Dominik Zasławski. The family line died out with Władysław-Dominik's son, Oleksander, in 1673, and its fortunes went to the Lubomirski family.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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