Zhuravsky, Dmytro

Zhuravsky, Dmytro [Журавський, Дмитро; Žuravs'kyj], b 1810 in Mahiliou gubernia, Belarus, d 23 November 1856 in Kyiv. Statistician and economist. A graduate of the Saint Petersburg Cadet School (1829), he worked as a civil servant in Kamianets-Podilskyi and Kyiv. In 1851 he was appointed to the position of academic secretary of the Commission for Describing Gubernias of the Kyiv District at Kyiv University. He edited the commission’s works, including the three-volume Statisticheskoe opisanie Kievskoi gubernii (A Statistical Description of Kyiv Gubernia, 1852), and wrote O kreditnykh sdelkakh v Kievskoi gubernii (On Credit Agreements in Kyiv Gubernia, 1856), Ob istochnikakh i upotreblenii statisticheskikh svedenii (On the Sources and Use of Statistical Information, 1846), and Statisticheskoe obozrenie raskhodov na voennyia potrebnosti v 1711–1825 g. (A Statistical Survey of Expenditures on Military Needs in 1711–1825, 1859). Zhuravsky’s theoretical and empirical works had an important impact on the development of the fields of statistics and economics in the Russian Empire. Mykhailo Ptukha wrote a biography of Zhuravsky in 1951.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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