Zhytomyr archeological site

Image - The Zhytomyr archeological site near Horodyshche.

Zhytomyr archeological site [Житомирська стоянка; Zhytomyrska stoianka]. An archeological site of the Paleolithic Period located on the left bank of the Svynoluzhka River near the village of Horodyshche, Cherniakhiv raion, Zhytomyr oblast; some 15 km from Zhytomyr. Discovered in 1958, the site yielded over 6,000 artefacts, mainly flint tools, many of them bifaces, i.e., with a working surface on two sides. Of the three excavated cultural layers on the site, one dates back to the late Acheulean culture (ca 100,000 BC) and two belong to the Mousterian culture.

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