Linden (Tilia; Ukrainian: lypa). A large deciduous tree of the family Tiliaceae, reaching heights of 15–25 m and a trunk diameter of 2 m. Some lindens grow for 500 to 1,000 years. Lindens are widely cultivated as ornamental trees in parks. There are approx 50 known species of linden, 4 of which are found in Ukraine's deciduous and mixed forests. The most common is the little-leaf linden (T. cordata; Ukrainian: lypa sertseva). The wide-leaf linden (T. platyphyllas Scop.) and silver linden (T. argentea Desf.) are found in Western Ukraine. The Crimean or green linden (T. euchlora Koch.) is found in the Crimean Mountains. Linden wood is soft yet strong. It is widely used in Ukraine for the production of furniture, cabinets, musical instruments, veneer, and millwork. The bark of young trees is used in basketweaving, footwear, and twine. The fragrant, creamy golden flowers are rich in nectar; dried flowers are brewed as a diaphoretic tea and as a gargling solution.

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