Slobidska Ukraine gubernia

Slobidska Ukraine gubernia (Слобідсько-Українська губерня; Slobidsko-Ukrainska hubernia). An administrative territory of the Russian Empire. It was set up in 1765 after the dissolution of the Hetman state, with its center in Kharkiv. It encompassed the territories of the former Slobidska Ukraine Cossack regiments: Kharkiv regiment, Sumy regiment, Okhtyrka regiment, Izium regiment, and Ostrohozke regiment. In 1779 the Ostrohozke district and part of the Izium district was incorporated into the newly created Voronezh vicegerency. In 1780 the gubernia was dissolved and reorganized into Kharkiv vicegerency.

Slobidska Ukraine gubernia was restored in 1797. It consisted of the former Kharkiv vicegerency as well as several counties from Voronezh gubernia. The capital of the gubernia was Kharkiv. In 1835 Slobidska Ukraine gubernia was renamed into Kharkiv gubernia.

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