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Bachynsky, Lev

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Bachynsky, Lev [Bačyns'kyj], b 14 July 1872 in Serafyntsi, Horodenka county, Galicia, d 4 October 1930 in Grimmenstein, Austria. (Photo: Lev Bachynsky.) A politician and lawyer; leader of the Ukrainian Radical party in Galicia (1918–30); member of the Vienna parliament (1907–18); vice-president of the General Ukrainian Council in Vienna (1915–16); and vice-president of the Ukrainian National Rada of the Western Ukrainian National Republic (ZUNR). He authored the constitutional law of 3 January 1919 regarding the unification of the ZUNR with the Ukrainian National Republic, as well as the land reform law. From 1928 to 1930 Bachynsky was a member of the Polish Sejm.

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