Abashev, Dimitrii

Abashev, Dimitrii [Abašev, Dimitrij], b 1829, d 22 January 1880 in Odesa. Chemist. Abashev graduated from Saint Petersburg University (1851), Moscow University (1858), and Kharkiv University (1868). He was a lecturer at Kyiv University (1858–62) and a docent and a professor at Odesa University, where he taught agricultural chemistry (1865–79). In 1875–9 he was Vice-president of the Imperial Agricultural Society of Southern Russia. His pioneer works, which concerned the mutual dissolubility of liquids and the thermochemistry of non-aqueous solutions, were ‘Issledovaniia o iavleniiakh vzaimnogo rastvoreniia zhidkostei' (Studies on Phenomena of the Mutual Dissolubility of Liquids, M SC thesis, 1858) and ‘O teplovykh iavleniiakh, obnaruzhivaiushchikhsia pri soedinenii zhidkostei' (On Heat Phenomena Manifested in the Mixing of Liquids, Zapiski Imperatorskogo Novorossiiskogo universiteta I, 1868).

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