Alchevsk Metallurgical Complex

Alchevsk Metallurgical Complex (Алчевський металургійний комбінат; Alchevskyi metalurhiinyi kombinat). A large ferrous metallurgy complex located in Alchevsk, Luhansk oblast. It was founded in 1895 by Oleksii Alchevsky and the Donetsko-Yurievske Metallurgical Company. Between 1961 and 1991 it was called the Komunarsk Metallurgical Plant. Now its basic production consists of cast iron, steel, and rolled steel. The complex includs a large agglomerating workshop, five blast furnaces (the largest with a capacity of 3,000 cu m), nine open-hearth oven using the Martin process to make steel from pig iron, a continuous steel-pouring aggregate, Blooming mills, and a variety of other furnaces.

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