Commission for the Study of Ukraine's Customary Law

Commission for the Study of Ukraine's Customary Law (Комісія для виучування звичаєвого права України; Komisiia dlia vyuchuvannia zvychaievoho prava Ukrainy). Center in the 1920s in the socioeconomic division of the All-Ukrainian Academy of Sciences that conducted research on Ukrainian customary law. The commission was chaired by academician Orest Levytsky, and from 1926 by academician Yoanykii Malynovsky. Under Malynovsky the commission was divided into two sections: one on private law (headed by Arnold Kryster) and one on public law (headed by Malynovsky). The works of the commission’s associates were published in three volumes of Pratsi Komisiï dlia vyuchuvannia zvychaievoho prava Ukraïny in 1925, 1928 (ed Kryster), and 1928 (ed Malynovsky). The Stalinist purge of the Academy of Sciences in the early 1930s put an end to the commission’s work.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 1 (1984).]

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