Kaniv State Nature Reserve

Image - The Kaniv State Nature Reserve. Image - The Kaniv State Nature Reserve. Image - The Kaniv Hills in the Kaniv State Nature Reserve.

Kaniv State Nature Reserve (Канівський державний природний заповідник; Kanivskyi derzhavnyi pryrodnyi zapovidnyk). A reserve located on the right bank of the Dnipro River near Kaniv in Cherkasy oblast. Established in 1931 as the National Forest Steppe Reserve, it was renamed the Middle Dnipro National Reserve in 1934, the Kaniv Biogeographical Reserve in 1939, the Kaniv Nature and Historical Reserve in 1948, before being granted the state reserve status in 1968 and assuming its present name in 1986. It has an area of 2,027 ha. The reserve is located in the northern part of the Ukrainian forest-steppe region in the Kaniv Hills. Forests, mainly elm and oak, predominate. The hills are broken by deep ravines, where several geological strata, containing fossils of some extinct plants and animals, are visible. The fauna of the reserve is typical of the forest-steppe; the most common animals are roe deer, badger, and marten. Approximately 233 species of birds are also found there. The Kaniv reserve is rich in historical artifacts. Archeological research has uncovered artifacts from the late Paleolithic and Neolithic eras, the Trypilian culture, and Scythian settlements, and some traces of Antes and Polianian tombs.

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Image - The Kniazha Hora in the Kaniv Hills (view from the Dnieper River).

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