Plastun [«Пластун»; Scout]. The first Ukrainian scouting journal in Transcarpathia, published in Uzhhorod in 1923–31 and Sevliush in 1934–5. In 1923–7 Plastun–Junák–Cserkesz appeared in Ukrainian, Czech, and Hungarian one to six times a year as the joint publication of the three national scouting associations in Czechoslovakia. From 1928 Plastun appeared eight times a year as the independent organ of the Plast Ukrainian Youth Association. It was edited by Ostap Vakhnianyn (1923–4), Leonid Bachynsky (1924–9), Yuliian Revai (1929–32), and A. Voron (1934–5). Among the contributors were Spyrydon Cherkasenko, Vasyl Grendzha-Donsky, Vasyl Pachovsky, Mariika Pidhirianka, Bohdan Zaklynsky, and Yulii Borshosh-Kumiatsky.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 4 (1993).]

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