Ukraïns’kyi filatelist/Ukrainian Philatelist

Ukraïns’kyi filatelist/Ukrainian Philatelist. A journal of the Ukrainian Philatelic and Numismatic Society, published annually and then semiannually since 1951 in the United States. Originally titled Philatelist, it was renamed the Philatelic News/Filatelistychni visti in 1962 and has appeared under its present name since 1963. The journal has published articles in both Ukrainian and English and has served as the main historical record of Ukrainian philately and numismatics in the world. The editors have been Ye. Kotyk (1951–61), Ivan Svit (1961–72), G. Slusarczuk (1972–5), S. Kikta (1975–6), J. Tkachuk (1976–85), and I. Kuzych (since 1985). By 1990, 58 issues had appeared.

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