Zaborowski, Tymon

Zaborowski, Tymon, b 18 April 1799 in Lychkivtsi near Husiatyn, Galicia, d 20 or 28 March 1828 in Lychkivtsi. Polish pseudoclassical and Romantic poet in Galicia; a representative of the Ukrainian school in Polish literature. He studied at the Kremianets Lyceum (1810–17), where he belonged to the so-called Writers’ Club along with Józef Korzeniowski. Many of his works are on Ukrainian themes and Ukrainian-Polish relations. They include the narrative poems ‘Bolesław Chrobry, czyli zdobycie Kijowa’ (Bolesław I the Brave, or the Conquest of Kyiv) and ‘Bojan,’ the patriotic collection ‘Dumy podolskie za czasów panowania tureckiego w tej ziemi’ (Podilian Dumas from the Time of Turkish Rule in That Land, published in Haliczanin, vol 2, 1830), and the dramatic poems ‘Bohdan Chmielnicki’ (Bohdan Khmelnytsky) and ‘Tajemnica, czyli Borys i Milwiana’ (The Secret, or Borys and Milwiana), about the era of Yaroslav the Wise. An edition of his collected writings was published in Warsaw in 1936.

[This article originally appeared in the Encyclopedia of Ukraine, vol. 5 (1993).]

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